Peter has lived the life of a Thai music fan for over seven years and during this time has met up with pretty much everyone in the lukthung scene. Below is a selection of his photography with more to come.

1 Christy Gibson the half Dutch half Brit lukthung singer behind stage at fm 95 concert

2 Chaiyo Tanawat Sure Entertainment singer

3 Dancers at fm 94.5 concert

4 Phi Sadoet Grammy Gold

5 Dancer at Jintara Phunlap concert

6 Liu Ajariya at Bang Saen concert

7 Party at Top line Diamond office for Sao Mart fans


8 Fans with Cham Cham Ram at fan tv studio Grammmy 

9 Mangpor Chonthicha after concert

10 Dancer at Zaab channel concert

11 Tai Orathai at fm 95 pre award presentation 2012

12 Sao Mart relaxing in her van before concert at a Wat (temple) fair

13 Phimyada of Nopphorn Silver Gold

14 Cathaleeya Marasri at Wethithai

15 Sunari Rachasima at Wethithai

16 Sotsai Rungphothorng (Democrat politician)

17 Takkadaen Cholada at 7-4 concert

18 Tai Orathai at concert for 4 years of fan tv

19 Group of Grammy song writers and arrangers with singers

20 Dancer at top line Diamond concert

21 Rungphet Laemsing at Zaab channel benefit concert for Kan Kaeosuphan

22 Phai Phongsathon at Wethithai

23 Jintara with awards on Sabaidi tv

24 Phleng ho specialist Phet Phanomrung

25 Chai Mueangsing at benefit concert 

26 Sonphet Sonsuphan

28 Folk music queen Khwanjit Siprajan

29 Jintara after concert at Samut Sakhon

30 Cham Cham Ram and fans after concert at Samut Prakhan