The Best of Thai Pop

Thai Pop is pretty much like Western pop songs but with Thai lyrics (usually!). To the Western ear, most modern Thai Pop sounds derivative, bland and saccharine.but there are exceptions. This section will feature Thai pop songs that I think measure up to the best of Western pop. Apologies in advance for the subjective and Eurocentric views!

1. Getsunova สิ่งที่ตามหา 'Sing thi tam ha' ('What I'm looking for')


Getsunova are most famous as the first Thai group to have a Youtube video with over 100 million views. The strange thing is that the video was not really a video - it was an audio track of a run of the mill ballad named ไกลแค่ไหนคือใกล้ 'Klai khae nai khue klai' ('However close is still far'). To listen to that song go to or to for the official music video. It's an okay song but I'm still amazed that it is the most popular Thai song in Youtube history, as are many of my Thai students. I'm suspecting that a Grammy publicity ploy may have been at play but who knows? What is certain is that สิ่งที่ตามหา 'Sing thi tam ha' is a seriously cool pop song backed by a great music video. With an 'Inbetween Days' like keyboard intro and refined guitar work, the VDO features actor Pachara "Peach" Chirathivat and never-was singer Sonia "Kat" Singha from Kamikaze's failed duo Kat Pat (you can hear one of their songs at Kat is radiant throughout and the video clip channels Alice in Wonderland nicely. Or something like that - lots of masks, dancing with flares and cute kids anyway. The song is written by the guitarist

Of course I am not the copyright owner - this video belongs to Grammy!


2. Musketeers นิทาน 'Nithan' ('Fairytale')


Hailing from Chiang Mai, Musketeers actually had a much bigger hit with 'Dancing', which I'll probably link to here later because it's a great song too. However, 'Nithan' is one of my favourite Thai pop songs because it manages to combine some traditional elements into the completely Western framework. I love the slightly out of tune echo of "la la la la la la la." The song is written by the singer Chakri Lapbunrueang. It's interesting how all these aristocratic Thai names keep on appearing in these pop bands - a scion of the Amatayakun family has directed the music VDO. Perhaps Thai pop is actually the genre that best represents the reality of Thai society - to those that have, more will be given. Anyway the music VDO for 'Nithan' features some nice animation with a plucky rabbit fighting a giant witch to get to the top of a castle - it's a fairytale remember. Readers may like to know that King Bhumibol (as well as T. Ngekchuan, owner of the vintage Thai record brand Kratai, which means 'rabbit') was born in the year of the rabbit.

Again, I am not the copyright owner - this video belongs to บีลีฟ เรคคอร์ด (Believe Records)!


I'll post a new song on here every couple of weeks or so.