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    Listed here are links to many examples of Isan music. If you want to see an example of mor lam phloen or hear what the phin or leaf blowing sounds like then this is the page for you – enjoy!


    The videos linked here are part of the Isan Culture Maintenance and Revitalization Program and are shown courtesy Mueang Phon Municipality, partner in the Isan Culture Maintenance and Revitalization Programme, facilitated by the College of Local Administration at Khon Kaen University and co-sponsored by the European Union; ethnomusicology in cooperation with the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at KKU. See www.facebook.com/icmrpthailand and www.icmrpthailand.org. For higher resolution and transcription-enhanced files email icmrpthailand@gmail.com .


    1. วงกลองยาว Wong klorng yao (Long drum marching band)



    2. วงกันตรึม Wong kantruem (Southern Isan khmer speaking folk music band)



    3. ปี่อ้อ pi or (Isan reed oboe)



    4. ซอกันตรึม sor kantruem (Southern Isan khmer style fiddle)



    5. เล่นปี่ข้างฟาง len pi khang fang (playing a rice stalk oboe)



    6. กลองเส็ง klorng seng (Isan short side drum)



    7. กระจับปี่ krajap pi (Southern Isan khmer style phin)



    8. เจรียง jariang (Southern Isan style lam)



    9. ลิเกโคราช li-ke Khorat (declamatory theatre genre from Nakhon Ratchasima)



    10. หมอลำพื้น morlam phuen (old morlam genre)



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